What a week

By Lee-Anne on 29/09/2012

Just when things start to come together for our International event with Tiger Street Football and starts to run smoothly , things prove never get  too comfortable.  This week nearing the girls flying out to Vietnam for the Grand Final event after finally a decision on the team after a voting on the Tiger Street Football web site. The team for this weeks event had been decided.  the girls have their dance routines down pat and  ready to go with their new look and uniforms. Due to fly out on Wednesday night  when a dreaded phone call comes in to inform me one of our gorgeous babes has had a stroke.....Did I push them too hard during rehearsals?

With less than 20 hrs we had to find a replacement not just blonde but could  also pick up the dance routines within that time and be similar height to the rest of the team... Kellie was rushed in as an emergency replacement and has done an amazing job internationally. Thank God for Brittany Moorman our gorgeous choreographer and promotion babe extraordinare. This one team member not only found me a replacement but also saved the event as the dance routines without the 4th member would have been no where near the same.  

Sometimes you are blessed with a team member who just outshines and goes far beyond what is required of them. These are the girls you want to keep forever, they have your best intentions at heart  and the company. A very rare breed indeed in todays society of take , take, take.

Thank You Brittany Moorman

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