Reliability Issue?????

By Lee-Anne on 08/12/2012

 I find myself sitting here AGAIN  waiting for girls to turn up for interview appointments.
What concerns me is this is the 3rd weekend in a row when girls have just forgotten or got up too late, can't get here, or maybe just cant be bothered. How annoying it is that I can be bothered to give them the time to find out about all the great things West Coast Promo Babes is involved in and maybe join our team and they can't be BOTHERED.

The girls have sent through application forms so this is not me chasing them they have applied and wanting to Become a West Coast Promo Babe. Do they not realise if they are not reliable or available when do they think they are available for promotions?

Reliability is what a good Promotion Company looks for, and when we pay the HIGHEST  in the industry we expect not only girls with personality, great looks, tight bodies and RELIABLE.... I cant believe again and again this keeps happening. 

The last 3 x girls we have taken on and terminated immediately because of behavour & lack of committment . I DON'T GET IT....WHY BOTHER EVEN APPLYING GIRLS.

DONT Waste MY time,  I schedule girls in around their schedule and text them  the morning of the appointment to remind them in case this has slipped their minds. Due to finding out very quickly the girls are unable to remember or diarise an appointment that has been organised for THEM by their own instigation NOT MINE.   

NO MANNERS  or  CONSIDERATION to call and cancel their appointment.. These days you can barely get them to go out of their way  to text even though they are on their phones 24/7...Let alone give you a phone call out of RESPECT..  What are we teaching this generation.So self absorbed they consider no one apart from themselves. It's definitely NO MANNERS as I have come across even worse things dealing with girls between the age of 18 - 22 in the promotions game. Lines that in business don't get crossed however the ruthlessness of this age group and underhandedness appauls me and makes me sick in my stomach...but we won't go there as it will be in another BLOG I am sure.

But every so often a Brilliant Girl walks in that door, and she is gorgeous, punctual, reliable and has loads of  personality........And wants to be part of the team.  She is the one I have been waiting for.

So to all the girls that have stood me up and had no manners or consideration for appointments and thought your beauti would be everything I am glad you never BOTHERED to show. As you would of definitely NEVER been up to our high standard at  West Coast Promo Babes.

Now that is my gripe for today and may it lesson over the years as I try to fathom this generation out and how to pick the girls that are the ones I am looking for. 


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