Never Ceases to AMAZE ME

By Lee-Anne on 13/05/2013

Just my gripe for today
It never ceases to amaze me the amount of times I tell girls to make sure they mention
West Coast Promo Babes .

When being interviewed or at the amazing events including Internationally just general PR as it was the company that got them the incredible event or opportunity they have in front of them..
I make sure when publicising them that I hash tag all and do the best by all, including the event  however the total disrespect and I mean this as a broad assumption that NOT ONE of them remember to mention the company or myself.......  REALLY....ITS not that hard...

How many people do I have to spoon feed in life and how long do I stand in the background whilst I take them to glory this is not just the girls but the promotors that promise the publicity for West Coast Promo Babes. How many times I have heard that one, IT NEVER 

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