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"Model of the Month"    JUNE 2012


Courtney ....An absolute Bombshell, one of our International Team Girls for ESPN STAR Sports.  

The perfect ambassador for West Coast Promo Babes. Full of energy and freshness with her amazing smile to accompany the amazing body Courtney is very easy on the eye.   Always willing to take on  the new and exciting projects that come to  West Coast Promo Babes.

Courtney is on our International Team - " Official  Tiger Street Football - Cage Girls  2012" for the  Tiger Street Football Events held thru out Asia.  ESPN STAR Sports  fly's the team each month to different countries to perform dance routines, media launches, presentations and interact with the spectators.  

ESPN STAR Sports  have developed and feature the "Official Tiger Street Football  - Cage Girls 2012" on their web site:     www.tigerstreetfootball.com

With loads of experience in the fight ring as a Ring Girl for the WBC Muay Thai events in Perth and numerous other fighting events. She is also on the Superoo Promotion Team and is part of the 
Wild  Turkey American Honey Babes team here in Perth.  Featured  on the cover of the   Auto Babes Calender and is on the Swivel's Originals 2013 Calendar to be released soon.
Courtney is the perfect  JUNE 2012 "Model of the Month" ......Just  Truly Amazing

1)   What things have you enjoyed the most on assignments for West Coast Promo Babes?  That would most definitely be the International Events. I love to travel with the girls at West Coast and visit new places. The people there treat you like a celebrity which is just so different to Perth and I LOVE IT.

2)   Your Favourite Thing -  My favourite thing is ice-cream and fruit.....I am always craving it.

3)   Favourite Place to Hang Out -  I like to hang out at the beach and have dinner and drinks at the local pub.

4)  Your Motto in Life -  Of course it's "Everything happens for a reason" this motto has helped me in so many different situations when I can't figure out why something went a certain way.

5)   Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm a  "living in the moment"  type of person.  I feel I have more to give with modelling and I will just have to see where it takes me.

6)   If there was something you could change in the world......What would it be?  There's so many things but mine would be to stop bullying. I can't stand people who verbally, physically and emotionally hurt people for their own enjoyment. It's so much more enjoyable to be supportive and encourageing to one another.

7)   What do you think are your Best Assets? My best assets would be my smile and my energy. i can be working a 12 hour day and constantly be happy and non-stop talking.

8)   What Things do you enjoy -  I enjoy social event, summer, dinner and drinks with Family & Friends.

9)   What are your Turn Ons & Turn Off's ? - Turn On's would be my boyfriend who has great Big Arms for cuddles....and he always smells yummy ...mmmmmmm.   Turn Off's is definitely guys that take longer than I do to get ready or is way too into himself. There's a fine line between confident and arrogance.

10)  Where do you Like to go out? - I Love to get dressed up and go into Subi...

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